Year One by Nora Roberts | Book Review

By | May 7, 2018

Year One by Nora Roberts | Book Review: Year one written by Nora Roberts was published in the year December 2017. Year One is book one of the series “The Chronicles of One”. The book is an urban fantasy.

Book Review: Year One

I’m a huge fan of Nora Roberts, since I’m a sucker for romance. Everybody will agree that Nora is one of the best authors out there delivering mind blowing love stories. Imagine my excitement and at the same time being a bit shocked when I heard Nora Roberts was writing a book following the newest trends “post apocalyptic”. Nevertheless, I could not wait for the book.

Year One is definitely not your usual Nora Roberts romantic escape. This book more or less like The Stand and Hunger combined together. In the beginning, I could not come to terms that this book was actually written by Nora and not someone else, because Nora’s most of the stories are simple. She hardly worked on character development before.

So, initially I was not able to connect with the story or the characters. But after couple of chapters and when the main event of the book happens, the dice rolled and I was all game for it. This is the first book of the trilogy “The Chronicles of One” and I would love to see how the main characters and the story progresses.

What I loved about the book?

The best thing is… Nora Roberts! She has tried something different and she has delivered it successfully. If you ignore the couple of chapters in the beginning, you will definitely like it. The characters are also developed well and plot is also intriguing.

What I didn’t like about the book?

Since the book is somewhat similar to Hunger and The Stand, I expected that chill the bones experience, unfortunately that didn’t happen even for once. I wish there was some more scenes of Max Fallon and Lana. I wish Nora had exploited her natural gift to write fabulous romantic scenes.

Unnecessary dragging could have been avoided.


It’s definitely not a great read, but you can still give it a try. I give this book 3 star.
Recommendation: Fantasy and post apocalypse fans…this is definitely your cup of tea!

Year-One-by-Nora-Roberts-book-reviewBook Details

Book Name: Year One
Author: Nora Roberts
Series: The Chronicles of One #1
Language: English
Year of Publication: 2017
Page Count: 419
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Fiction

About the Author

Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One – the first book in The Chronicles of The One. She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D. Robb. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print.



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