Sharapanjara Book Review

By | July 13, 2017

Sharapanjara Book Review

This was the first Kannada novel I read and it has left a long-lasting impression on me.

The book basically deals with the virtue, chastity and mental stability of women. The book which might have been written in 1962, showcases on how the society treats a mentally ill person. Infidelity and Premarital Sex also plays an important role in the book.

Kaveri and Sathish meet each other by chance and it’s love at first sight for the latter. With the approval from the family, Kaveri and Sathish tie and knot and enter a blissful marriage life. They build their dream house and welcome a son.

sharapanjara-kannada-novelEverything seems to be going perfectly for the couple and Kaveri conceive for the second time. Kaveri, who is very beautiful always wished to have a girl child so that all her beauty will be gifted to her child, but to her utter disappointment, she yet again begets a boy child. The once picture-perfect couple start facing problems after Kaveri delivers the second child. During her Postpartum period, Kaveri who was already weak, remembers a horrific incident which happened to her when she was still a teenager.Unable to cope up with the memories, she loses her mental stability. Sathish who was caring and loving husband becomes distant with Kaveri and finally admits Kaveri to an asylum.

How the society treats Kaveri once she is out of the Asylum, what impact the separation has caused on her marriage. How her kids treat her and whether Kaveri will be able to lead a peaceful and happy life is the crux of the book.

The book which was written somewhere in the 1960s is bound to capture today’s generation with its gripping storyline. Triveni has taken a bold topic like premarital sex and mental illness and has woven a beautiful heart-wrenching story. In the initial stage, Kaveri seems like a shallow person who is more concerned about her beauty and satisfying her husband. As the story progresses, the reader could not help but feel pity for her. The book with its excellent editing and captivating characters and storyline is fast-paced and a definite page-turner.

This book was later adopted on the silver screen by a legendary director Mr. Puttanna Kanagal. Actress Kalpana who played the role of Kaveri won the best actress award from Karnataka State Film Awards.

Book Details

Name: Sharapanjara
Author: Triveni
Language: Kannada
Protagonist: Kaveri
Year of Publication: 1962

About the Author

Anasuya ShankarAnasuya Shankar [1 September 1928 – 29 July 1963], popularly known by her pen name as Triveni, was an Indian writer of modern fiction in Kannada language. Women’s POV, mental illness and how they should be dealt with were all advocated by Anasuya. She was among the first of such writers in Kannada. Most of her novels have been adopted on the silver screen. Belli Moda (1967) and Sharapanjara (1971) – both directed by Puttanna Kanagal and featuring actress Kalpana.

Her small stories collection Samasyeya Magu won the Devaraja Bahadur Prize in 1950. Her novel Avala Mane earned the Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award in 1960.




12 thoughts on “Sharapanjara Book Review

  1. Radhika Gowda

    Good Review.
    Have seen the movie, but never got a chance to read the book. Will defntly read it soon

  2. Madhu

    I love the novel Sharapanjara ” A cage of Arrows”. As the reviewer pointed out, this book is bound to attract this generation likely though this was written decades ago

  3. Mandya Datta

    Have heard a lot about the author. Seen the movie number of times.
    Will read the book too. Decent review

  4. Prakash

    One of the best kannada author we had and lost.
    Her writings were always thought provoking. Good to see kannada book related reviews.
    A kind request for the reviewer to Write more of our kannada books.
    Overall good review

  5. Sridevi

    Good review.
    A gentle request to reviewer, please don’t give much spoliers.

  6. Vijay

    nice review.
    Good to see reviews related to our Kannda books.
    Sharapanjara book is defntly one of the famous books . one of my favorite too

  7. Sudhiksha.H.G

    Very cleverly written review which leaves us wanting to read the book , really nice one .

  8. Krishna

    As you rightly said it was a bold and risky move by the author to write about premarital sex and journey of a women and her struggles that too in the era when it was considered as a taboo in Indian society.
    Good to see ppl still have interests on kannada novels and great attempt by you to make it reach to the audience and encourage the reading of kannada novels..Gr8 !!! I accept you to review more abt kannada novels so that ppl read it…


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