Sempre Redemption Book Review

By | August 22, 2017

Sempre Redemption: Sempre Redemption by J.M. Darhower is the second book in the series Sempre. It was published in the year 2012.


In this thrilling and sexy follow-up to Sempre, two young lovers struggle to keep their relationship intact after they become deeply enmeshed in the dangerous mafia-run crime ring they once tried to overthrow.

Sempre-Redemption-book-reviewHaven Antonelli and Carmine DeMarco have been through a lot. Haven was taken in by Carmine’s father, and with his family’s help, she escaped a gruesome fate. However, saving Haven from the dark intentions of a mafia family cost Carmine a steep price: he was forced to swear loyalty to them.

Now, still passionately in love, Carmine and Haven must face the fall-out of Carmine’s forced service, as Haven discovers terrifying secrets about the family that enslaved both her and her mother – and why she matters so much in this intricate web of lies.


This Sempre series is my all time favorite. Writing review for Book 2 is extremely painful. Sempre Redemption is the continuation to Sempre. It follows the life of two lovers as they struggle to with stand the difficulties hurled at them. Carmine thinks the best option for Haven would be to lead a life without him and without her knowledge he break ups with her and leaves for Chicago.

I’m a huge fan of J M Darhower. If the author happens to write a grocery list and sell it; I would be in the line to buy it. J.M. Darhower started the series as a twilight fan-fiction. It was called “Emancipation proclamation”. No need to tell, it was a huge hit. Haven and Carmine characters are developed.What I loved most about them is, despite being away from each other, haven or Carmine doesn’t think about looking for someone else. The book was hard to read at times, as it emotionally drained me seeing Haven and Carmine struggle. That I did not expect. All the heart aches, despair, loss I felt were worth it. I was shocked by the intensity of agony I left as I read the separation track, Darhower gets full marks in that area. The reader will definitely shed a tear or two during the time of separation of the lead.

The book is well edited. It’s a complete page turner. I have lived every moment with the characters from start to end. I would have easily given the book a 5 star, but I refuse to overlook that Darhower separated the couple for most of the book.  I rate the book 4 star.

Favorite Quotes

“Yes, you see, there’s no such thing as coincidence. There are no accidents in life. Everything that happens is the result of a calculated move that leads us to where we are.”

“This boy – this stubborn, selfless, stupid boy-had given himself to the Mafia. He had handed control of his future over to the men they hated most in exchange for her life. For her safety. And he had done it so easily, so quickly, like he didn’t have to think about it at all…like sacrificing for her came just as naturally as breathing.”

“We die the day we lose the will to go on. We die the day we stop caring about life.”

“He was Carmine Marcello DeMarco…and even broken, he was beautiful.”

“….I thought we’d be okay apart, but I was sorely mistaken. I don’t need much, Haven, but I do need you.”

“I’m sure you remember our first encounter, the morning in the kitchen in North Carolina, and what a disaster it turned out to be,” Carmine said.

“He was her home. He always had been.”

“I Just want people to see me,” she said. “I want to walk into a room and have them know I’m there. I just don’t want to be invisible anymore.”

“You still love her?” he asked curiously.

Carmine nodded. “I think I always will. Regardless of all this bullshit, she’ll always be my hummingbird.”

Book Details

Title: Sempre Redemption
Series: Sempre
Author: J M Darhower
Language: English, Italian
Year of Publication: 2012
Page Count: 416
Genre: Romance Fiction
Characters: Haven Antonelli, Carmine DeMarco

About Author

J. M. Darhower is the USA Today bestselling author of paranormal/erotic/romantic suspense novels about the baddest bad boys and the ladies who love them. She spends her days in a tiny town in North Carolina.




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