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By | January 16, 2018

The Millionaire’s Proposal written by Trish Wylie was published in the year 2008. It’s a Mills and Boons Romance book which deals with the lives of Ronan O’Keefe and Kerry Doyle.

Book Synopsis: The Millionaire’s Proposal (Goodreads)

Ronan O’Keefe has everything money can buy. He’d give it all up in an instant to keep the one thing he’s losing. The jet-setting playboy is slowly being robbed of his sight. Alone in New York, Kerry Doyle isn’t feeling quite so brave about her trip around the world. Luckily, a millionaire has come to her rescue… By the time they get to Paris, Ronan doesn’t want to let beautiful, bubbly Kerry go. His secret is casting its shadow, but Kerry has lit up his life…

Book Review: The Millionaire’s Proposal

When I read this book somewhere mid-2012, I did not even know what exactly is a mills and boons books are all about. I had this one small book shop near my college which I used to visit on every Saturday and used to buy new releases or old classics.

I was looking for a good romance fiction novel after having a hangover of reading Nicholas Sparks Novels. The Owner of the shop suggested me 3 to 4 books and “The Millionaire’s Proposal by Trish Wylie” was also one of them. That’s how I learned about Mills & Boons book and “The Millionaire’s Proposal” became my first read of Mills and Boons Romance.

Now, coming to the story…

Kerry Doyle, our beautiful charming and compassionate heroine is on a trip of her life time. She has decided to travel the world alone! But she soon meets Ronan O’Keefe, our handsome hero who not only is seated very next to her in the flight but is also an extra ordinary traveler and a travel writer. On a spur he offers to be her private guide through the journey and requests her to share her experience so that he can use it for his next travel guide book.

Kerry decides to take up the offer, offered by a complete stranger and thus the unforgettable journey begins. What Kerry never bargained was falling for Ronan. But Ronan though he as also fallen for the charming and beautiful Kerry Doyle, he is trying to keep his distance from her because of a secret.

Can Kerry and Ronan, trust each other and bear the secrets? Can they work out the obstacles and have a happily ever after? Or will Kerry leave Ronan for keeping secrets from her? To know all this you have to read the book.

I just loved the whole journey of Kerry and Ronan thoroughly. I loved their banter and Ronan’s easy-going nature. He truly is someone who can sweep any girl off her feet with just his smile and charm. I liked how he kept a mask of being happy just for Kerry when his life was about to change and he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

Trish Wylie has done a fabulous job with this book. The hero here is not your usual Alpha male. He is just as normal as a guy can be.

The heroine Kerry also has her own mind and does what her heart says. Their love, struggles, confusion and hurt all seem real to the readers and that’s why the story connect with them. With just around 186 pages, Trish not only gives us an amazing love story but she also takes us to some exotic places. Her description of places is so crisp and neat, the readers are bound to put them in their list.

I will definitely recommend each and everyone to read this book. With just 186 pages this book can be your weekend getaway. Go on folks, grab a copy and start reading. I give this book 4.5 stars.

Favorite Quotes

“I Love you. More than I could ever begin to tell you”

“Are those happy teas?”

“Like hell. It’s the wind here – it’s sharp”

Book Details

Title: The Millionaire’s proposal
Author: Trish Wylie
Language: English
Year of Publication: 2008
Page Count: 186
Genre: Romance
Characters: Ronan O’Keefe and Kerry Doyle

About the Author: Trish Wylie

Irish author Trish Wylie wrote more than twenty books for Harlequin before becoming an Indie author. She is a three times Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award winner and was a finalist in the HOLT, EPPIE, Booksellers Best, Golden Quill and Write Touch Readers Awards. She lives in the north west of Ireland on the borders between the beautiful counties of Fermanagh and Donegal with her four-legged family but when at all possible likes to hop across the pond to New York, her favorite city in the world.



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