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By | March 8, 2018

Gejje Pooje by M K Indira | Book Review: Gejje Pooje written by M K Indira was published in the 1966. The book deals with life of a devadasi’s daughter Chandra and consequences she facing due to being a child of a Devadasi. The book was later adopted into a movie and was directed by Puttanna Kanagal. The film emerged out as a huge success and helped in shaping the career of “Minugu Thare” Kalpana.

Gejje Pooje Book  Synopsis

Gejje Pooje has the name suggests is about the life of Devadasi’s. The book deals with the life of Chandra who happens to be the daughter of a Devadasi named Aparna. Due to her linage Chandra most of her life struggles with the identity of being a prostitute’s daughter. Chandra’s only dream is to be educated and be married to the guy whom she loves immensely. Despite of her linage, will she find the love of her life? Will Chandra be able to break out from the custom and lead a happier life or with the social pressure will she bow down to the custom and become a prostitute?

To know all this you definitely have to read “Gejje Pooje”

Gejje Pooje Book Review

Gejje Pooje by M K Indira is a social novel which was written in the 1960s. The story starts with a young boy named Somu from an upper class family yearning for a lotus which happens to be a pond used usually for daily rituals (Nithya Karma).

Since he is from an upper class family he is prohibited from going to such places, let alone wanting a lotus from that place!!! Somu being adamant with the help of his friends gets the lotus from the pond. When the matter reaches the ears of his family he is scolded and the lotus is thrown out.

Chandra, daughter of a Devadasi Aparna moves to an upper class neighborhood with her grandmother. Chandra or her family is not accepted by the neighborhood due to their profession. Somu and his sister Lalitha becomes her friends and as the time passes the neighbors also accept the Devadasi and her daughter Chandra. Though Chandra is accepted in the neighborhood, nobody forgets her mother’s profession and is always skeptical. Chandra, all she wants in her life is to escape the hell of Devadasi Life and get married and lead a happy life.

Time passes, Chandra is now an attractive young woman. She falls in love with her neighbor Somu. Chandra and Somu confess their love for each other. Due to the social norms and acceptance, Somu marries a girl from an upper middle class family. Ironically his wife is none other than half sister of Chandra!

Chandra who never wanted to get “Gejje Pooje” done to her, agrees to become a Devadasi. On the night of her “Gejje Pooje” ceremony, Chandra commits suicide. She leaves a letter to her father thanking him indirectly for the diamond ring he gave, which she used to kill herself and a letter to Somu stating she is only his for all the seven origins.
I loved the book. I felt there was someone out there who could have hugged Chandra and told her you are what you make yourself and not what people think. I wish Somu was man enough to stand against the social norms and accepted Chandra for who she was!. The climax is definitely a cry fest. You cannot escape the agony and despair has Chandra takes her last breath.

Not only is the agony palpable so is the raw emotion of anger! I don’t think I’m the only person who loathed Somu. One minute he has professed his feelings for Chandra and very next moment he is fine with the bride whom his parents have selected. I never left his feelings were true to being with! His character is so low, you just feel like strangling him. My frustration about not being able to smack him reached heights when he laughs mockingly at Chandra after coming to know about her “Gejje Pooje”. He shows his double standards with his laugh and mentality.

The book is sad. The characters are hardly happy throughout their life. Each and every second one way or the other, the society shows Chandra what her linage is!.

This is my first M K Indira book and I’m totally blown over by her narration.
Go on folks grab a copy and read it as soon as possible.
Trust me it’s a great read. I give this book 4 stars.

Book Details

Title: Gejje Pooje
Author: M K Indira
Language: Kannada
Page Count: 192
Year of Publication: 1966
Genre: Social
Characters: Chandra, Aparna, Lalitha, Somu

mk-indira-kannada-novelsAbout the Author: M K Indira [Mandagadde Krishnarao Indira] was a well-known Kannada writer. She was born born on January 5, 1917 in Thirthahalli, Karnataka. She started writing novels at the age of forty-five. Her first novel Tungabhadra which was released in 1963.

Some of her novels were made into movie like Gejje Pooje, Poorvapara, Phaniyamma. M. K. Indira has written about forty novels some of her notable works are Gejje Pooje, Tungabhadra, Sadananda, Navaratna, Koochu Bhatta, Poorvapara, Phaniyamma and others.



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