My Favorite Top 10 Hindi Pop Songs

By | April 19, 2018

My Favorite Top 10 Hindi Pop Songs: So, in the world of remakes, plagiarism and auto tunes… we are terribly missing our Hindi pop songs which at one part of time dominated Bollywood.

Euphoria-Band-hindi-songsThere was a time when Euphoria, Falguni Pathak, Lucky Ali, Bombay Vikings and Sonu Nigam used to deliver melodious tracks with sweet stories.

Those were the time of best music where music wasn’t loud but soothing, the words were not filled with innuendoes but with meaning. I miss those days!

So, lets take a trip down to our memory lane and my favorite 10 Hindi pop songs.

1. Pari Hoon Main – Suneetha Rao

Is there any soul out here who haven’t heard this song? Suneetha Rao with her magical voice just casts a spell on the listener and we are just drugged by her voice.Who haven’t crooned along with her “Pari Hoon Main”?.

2. Made in India – Alisha Chinai

Who has not fallen in head over heels with the hot and smouldering Miland Soman or gushed over the pretty princess Alisha Chinai? Though the song was released decades ago, this song still carries its freshness.

3. Piya Basanti Re – Ustad Sultan Khan and Chitra

If there is one song which lulls me to sleep even now it’s the song “Piya Basanti Re” sung by Chitra ji and Ustad Sultan Khan. This is a perfect song to listen during monsoon season.

4. Yaaron – KK

O…kay this is a mandatory song which is played during every farewell party. The song sung by KK is yet to find a replacement when it comes to describing friendship and its value.

5. Kya Surat Hai – Bombay Vikings

If you say pop songs and haven’t heard about Bombay Vikings, then you are definitely missing out some thing huge.

6. Maine Payal Hai – Falguni Pathak

Is there anyone out here who has not listened to Falguni Pathak songs and hasn’t tried to copy the dance steps at least once in their life? My childhood is filled with fond memories of her songs and cute stories associated with it.

7. Ab Na Jaa – Euphoria

This song released by euphoria is one of my all time favorite. I just love how the whole song is just soothes your tired mind and body. This is one of those eternal song which never grows old!

8. Sawan Mein – Falguni Pathak

I guess its difficult to not fall in love with the songs when it comes to Falguni Pathak. Her songs always had a special effect. Maybe its something to do with the stories or maybe it’s just her melodious voice.!

9. Bheegi Bheegi Raathon Mein – Adnan Sami

The song sung by Adnan Sami and Asha Bhosle was released in 2000. This song still remains one of my favorites.

10. Woh Chali Woh Chali – Bombay Vikings

Bombay Vikings is at their best when it comes to remixing old Bollywood songs. I bet everyone is a closet Vikings lover when it comes to their song.

I’m sure there are 100s of Indian pop songs which we can never forget. Those were truly wonder years.!
Music lovers drop a comment about which pop songs you still cherish and yearn for which artist to return and release new songs.

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