Double Standards by Judith McNaught

By | August 17, 2017

Double Standards: Double Standards by Judith McNaught was published in 1984.


In the exclusive, glittering world of business superstars, Nick Sinclair was a legend..

The ruggedly handsome president of Global Industries handled his business the way he handled his women with charm, daring and ruthless self control. A man used to the very best, Nick hired Lauren Danner, and assumed the proud beauty would soon be another easy conquest.

But Lauren’s flashing wit and rare spirit dazzled him and slowly, against his will, he was intrigued, challenged and in love. Yet Lauren was living a lie, a charade that became more dangerous with every passing moment. Trapped in a web of deceit, she fought her growing love for Nick. Her secret could destroy his fragile trust and the promise of life with the most compelling man she had ever met!


double-standards-judith-mcnaughtI’m huge fan of Judith McNaught. I love her Stories. It’s very rare when I don’t like her story telling or her characters Unfortunately This falls in that category. “Double Standards” is a simple story consisting of yet again two opposite characters brought together through a circumstance. I liked the story.

Lauren is a naïve, 23 year old woman who gets a job in Nick Sinclair Company as a secretary. She joins there with a hidden motive. I found Lauren a bit annoying. I know the book was written in mid 80’s but still I cannot understand how a lady can be that meek.

Nick was the strength for the book. If Nick wasn’t charming, amusing, possessive, the book would have failed miserably.

Unlike other books of Judith McNaught, I didn’t find the chemistry between the lead. It was cold. I felt the ending was rushed. It’s a onetime read. I wouldn’t consider it a great read or recommend anyone a must read. If you are looking for a quick read, not minding with the cliches.. then go for it. I rate the book 3 stars.

Favorite quote from the book

“What happens to me if this slipper fits?”

“I turn you into a handsome frog.”

“How am I doing so far?” she asked, forcing a cheerful lightness into her voice.

“You’re doing very well,” Nick’s lazy voice mocked. “I’m half convinced that I’m invisible.”

“Leave the star on top,” said an achingly gentle, deep voice. “There’s already one angel in the room.”

“Consider what an amoral, unprincipled cynic I am-think of all the improvements you could make to my character.”

“Hmmm,” he said, “Lauren Elizabeth Danner.Elizabeth is a beautiful name and so is Lauren. They suit you.”

Lauren said repressively, “I was named after two maiden aunts.One of them had a squint and the other had warts.”

“Lauren,” he began gravely, “I would like four daughters with wobbly blue eyes and studious horn-rimmed glasses on their little noses. Also, I’ve become very partial to your honey colored hair, so if you could manage…”

Book Details

Title: Double Standards
Author: Judith McNaught
Language: English
Year of Publication: 1984
Page Count: 310 Pages
Genre: Romance, Fiction
Characters: Lauren Danner, Nick Sinclair
Ratings: 3 Star

About the Author

Judith McNaught is a #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, with more than forty million copies of her novels in print, in over eighty countries and more than thirty languages. She was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station. McNaught is credited with inventing the modern Regency Historical romance sub genre.



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  1. Sanjana

    I have been a fan of Judith McNaught since ages. I love her second Opportunity series.
    Good Review. Will definitely read it.


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