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By | May 14, 2017

Best Literary Couples: Few of the greatest pleasure one can enjoy in life are curling up on your sofa with hot chocolate or a cup of steaming coffee nearby on a chilly day with a romantic novel which has spell bound you truly and completely. To achieve that pleasure and coziness, couples play the most crucial role. If everything in the book is perfect but somewhere if we feel the leads are not engaging enough or doesn’t get us involved in their story…everything goes to the south!

So today, I’m going to talk about few of the best literary couples who engaged the readers in their stories completely.

1. Edward Cullen And Bella Swan
Novel: Twilight

Edward-Cullen-Bella SwanBella Swan and Edward Cullen are two star crossed lovers. Bella a human, fragile teenage girl falls in love with a  108 year old Vampire. Their whole love story is supposed to be forbidden with a capital F, but the lead couple fights for their Love. It doesn’t matter that Bella is a Human and Edward is not. Their chemistry is palpable. I fell in love with Edward Cullen. He is perfectly imperfect and he is just made for Bella Swan. They are sometimes called as the modern “Romeo and Juliet”.

Best moment: Bella trying to save Edward in Volterra.

2. Carmine DeMarco and Haven Antonelli
Novel: Sempre

Sempre-Redemption-book-reviewHaven and carmine are the main leads of Sempre series. They were inspired by the teen sensation Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Just like Twilight Lead couples, Haven and Carmine Love was also forbidden. They both were not supposed to end up together. Haven, a product of rape is living in slavery and Carmine, son of a mafia is expected to follow the footsteps of his father. Both, hurt beyond repair, find solace in each other and love blossoms. They become the hope for one another. Everything about these couple screams eternal love.

Best Moment: Haven during Halloween overcomes her insecurities and kisses Carmine. That’s the official start of their relationship.

3. Romeo and Juliet
Drama: Romeo & Juliet

Romeo-and-JulietOne of the best couple literature could ever get was Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare drama of the same name. They both can be even termed as epitome of romance despite not getting their Happily ever After. Shakespeare makes this tale of forbidden romance enjoyable. This work of Shakespeare is most famous and also the saddest.

Best Moment: Balcony Scene.


4. Henry DeTamble and Clare Abshire
Novel: Time Traveler’s Wife

time-travelers-wife-henry-clareCan you love someone who is hardly present? Can you be dedicated to a person who himself is unsure about his past, future and present. All Clare does his wait for Henry to return as he has no control over his life. Even after his death, she waits for him as he had promised he will see her once again in the future. There love was doomed from the day one yet they couldn’t stop their love for each other.

Best Moment: Clare in her old age waits for Henry to return.

5. Hazel Grace and Augutus Waters
Novel: The fault in our stars

Hazel-Augustus-fault-in-our-starsIf you have read this book and didn’t fall in love with them…you are fooling yourself around. This book is a roller-coaster of emotions and when the heart breaks in the end, the impact is immense. Hazel and Augusus are star crossed lovers…their love story is definitely doomed from the beginning, yet the readers cannot help but fall in love with them and root for them.

Best Moment: Hazel accepts her feelings for Augustus.



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  1. Sudhiksha.H.G

    very neat, I was ready to read even bigger list with longer description.

  2. Dheeraj

    Not read any of these books.
    But have watched The time Traveler’s wife. I to found them one of the best couples.
    Good Review


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